Igor Gergel Developer

JoinedJuly 26, 2018


Senior PHP Developer in WPML Team. Writing code for main WPML plugins.


Igor lives in Riga, Latvia and speaks English, Russian, a little Latvian and some German. Working remotely Igor is able to support his wife and 2 children. He holds a PhD in physics and math.

Igor is the sole holder of silver WordPress badge and WooCommerce badge on StackOverflow RU. In the past, he was one of 8 certified WPML contractors.

Igor is also one of the authors of the popular Cyr2Lat plugin on wp.org with 90,000+ installs.

Igor has 15 years of software engineering experience, including the creation of enterprise-level solutions, and cooperation with SAP. 29 years of general engineering experience.


Basketball, bike, diving, downhill skiing.