OnTheGoSystems WordPress Plugins and Services

Toolset Helps You Build Advanced WordPress Sites Without Programming

Almost every website that you build requires custom development. Toolset lets you create custom elements without writing PHP or Javascript. You can use Toolset on every site, built with any theme and page builder. Design using your favorite theme and page builder and create custom elements with Toolset.


Create your custom post types, taxonomies, and custom fields. All from within the WordPress GUI and with no coding!


Views makes it easy to display custom post types and fields. Display and sort your content for listings and inventory.


Design entire WordPress sites using a drag-and-drop interface. See how easy it integrates with Bootstrap based themes.


Allow others to edit and add full-scale WordPress content with front-end Toolset forms. Forget forcing clients to edit content from the WordPress admin, allow them to use your Toolset form.

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WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Since 2007 we’ve been providing solutions for making your WordPress sites multilingual. Over 500,000 sites are using WPML.

WPML plugin

WPML makes your WordPress multilingual.

With setup done in minutes, you will have your WordPress site ready to provide content in different languages in no time.

WooCommerce Multilingual plugin

Allows you to run fully multilingual e-commerce sites using our famous WPML plugin and WooCommerce.

Designed to manage your product translations easier and faster.

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ICanLocalize Translation Service

Experts at translating websites, iPhone apps, Android apps and software.


Professional human translators

ICanLocalize services provide you with expert human translations. There are more than 1000 translators in ICanLocalize that translate in over 30 languages.

Translations directly in your WordPress

It fully integrates with WPML and lets you select translators, send content for them to translate and receive completed translations, directly in your WordPress admin.

Translations for iPhone and Android apps

ICanLocalize translates dozens of iPhone and Android apps every week.


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