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Beda Schmid

Well, you’ve already read how Beda’s close colleagues feel about him, one of our dedicated Toolset supporters.  We know his name, we know his work, but how much do we know of the real Beda? Beda with Jacqueline, his ex-girlfriend, in 2012 Beda comes fr …

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David Garcia

Do you find satisfaction in your job?  What is the secret of finding happiness in your work? David, one of our developers in the Compatibility Team, has discovered the secret. See if you can find out through his story. David,  it is so nice to have the …

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Sumit Singh

Random click with best buddies Can you identify with Sumit Singh, this month’s Employee of the Month? It’s 6.30 am in Agra, India and time for a ‘wake up’ cup of tea. Sumit’s workday begins at 10 am, so there is still plenty of time to take some exerci …

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Kostas Kouratoras

When is an employee highly valued by his colleagues? When he … is very knowledgeable, is very detailed in his work, knows how to move from strict to flexible and is always totally reliable Konstantinos Kouratoras tries not to disappoint his colleague …

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Christian Cox

How do you feel about trying something new, whether it be implementing an unfamiliar tool or accepting a new challenge?   Do you hesitate? Does even the thought of taking on something new cause you anxiety? Be assured that such feelings are quite normal and can even have a positive impact on your performance.

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