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OTGS March News

March has seen some exciting updates across the company, from new releases planned for WPML, updates in ICanLocalize, to brand new developments in Toolset that will be announced soon. We can share a sneak peak now before the official Toolset release in …

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OTGS February News

February has been a busy month and we would like to share with you some of the biggest updates within OnTheGoSystems. WPML Update After the release of 4.2.0, we released two other hotfix versions to resolve some bugs. We are moving back to WPML 4.3.0 d …

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OTGS January News

Welcome, 2019! OnTheGoSystems hopes you enjoyed your holiday season. We started the year with a real-life story from our Founder, Amir Helzer, about what customers expect; we will continue working hard to ensure the best experience for all our customer …

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OTGS December News

December is finally here and everyone is getting ready for the holidays and the New Year, so this won’t be a huge update. The new editor for WordPress is out. We highly recommended postponing the Wordpress 5.0 update (the Gutenberg version) in your pro …

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OTGS November News

As we said in our previous post, November is a big month for WordPress. We continue working to make sure we are fully ready for Gutenberg. And, as usual, we keep adding features to our plugins and improving our communication and cooperation with client …

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