Author: Helena Petridou


Andreas Panagiotopoulos

To ensure our clients are purchasing high-quality products, work done by our developers needs to be verified. For this purpose, OTGS employs a team of In-development testers and Quality Assurance specialists. Their role is very important and comes with …

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Konstantinos Galanakis

Evangelia and me hanging around on her previous birthday, just a couple of months before Katerina was born. Konstantinos Galanakis is leading an important and crucial Toolset effort with Views compatibility – a huge task involving learning new technolo …

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Ana Couto

“She is pure gold here in the company.” Family funWant to give your best to your work? Would you be encouraged by someone who is willing to share, who is open to discussion and suggestions, who fixes those frustrating issues for you with a big, beautif …

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Jakub Milczarek

How would you describe Jakub Milczarek in one word? Meticulous, Straightforward, Adventurous? His colleagues say: Meticulous: Jakub spent long long loooong hours talking with different people about their needs and dreams about the support forum and pre …

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Dimitris Mitsis

Who dares to step into Andrea’s shoes when he’s on vacation? Who introduced CodeCeption integration tests? Read on… It’s 9.00am. Dimitris Mitsis quickly makes sure he’s online and visible to his teammates so they won’t file a missing-person report – it …

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