Marine Larmier joined us here at OTGS in July 2016, just over a year ago. Marine comes from France and studied Tourism, European Business Management there, continued her studies in China and the UK and got a Masters degree in Multicultural Web Marketing. Her 4 years of experience in marketing and technology is contributing to establishing our tools, WPML and Toolset, while simultaneously helping out our partners.

Marine, would you like to tell us how you try to achieve your goals?

In a couple of words, I would answer that it’s all about communication and teamwork. We try to connect people with our plugins. We aim to build good relationships with the main Theme Authors to ensure compatibility and widely distribute the information. For example, we worked with some big players like Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder etc. We have many users asking every day if we are compatible with a certain plugin or a theme; it’s very nice to give  “Yes” as an answer and to add “Wait, we even have a tutorial about it.”

The professionalism and technical skills of the Compatibility team help a lot in the marketing and communication activities as well. I’m going to quote Amit Kvint, our Compatibility team leader because I find this to be very true:

“We do not stop here; we also maintain compatibility. We handle any issue reported by our clients and we keep an open channel with them when any major updates are coming to the theme.“

Once a theme or plugin is compatible with WPML, the team doesn’t stop there; overall consistency and meticulous follow-ups continue from then on for life.

When I see our the internal processes and how everyone is working together, I can say that I completely trust our plugins. When you have confidence in something, it’s easier to write about it or even to connect and share knowledge with the community.

Another little secret is to chat directly with the theme author to find out which questions are asked most often about our plugins. Then, we try to cover them in the tutorial. Yes, the success here is from a teamwork again!

But success is always a long learning curve so I think I still have a lot to do!

You mentioned a long learning curve. What has this taught you?

I’ve learnt to be bold when asking for feedback. I ask people what they think about my article, document, video or whatever I am about to publish. My team leader Dario is very good at giving constructive critics. What’s more, we have the following motto with my colleague Mohamed.K: “2 brains are better than 1”.

I’ve learned the importance of communicating, investigating and using my curiosity in the WordPress ecosystem. I try to be aware of the latest trends, I am reading much more than before and I’ve even found that attending WordCamps is an excellent way to mingle and meet people.  

Although one of our goals is to communicate externally it would be wrong to think that it does not include any internal “research” within the company. If I have doubts about any tutorials or articles, I always check with the Compatibility team if the method I’m following is correct. The Compatibility team is doing an amazing work with the rest of the WordPress ecosystem. The Marketing team is here to help them in spreading the news.

What do you like the most in your job?

Our goal is to make WPML and Toolset household words, so that everyone becomes familiar with our products, and learn how to use them. I’m happy to have a little share in this and I’m proud to create resources for WPML and Toolset because they are 2 powerful plugins allowing WordPress users to make their life easier. They can go multilingual with WPML, while Toolset will help them build very advanced sites without using extra PHP code. Thanks to our efforts, they can save time, money and expand their market internationally. So……. Yes it’s true, I’m definitely proud to be a part of this journey!

What do you want to say to WordPress users and influencers today?

Come and talk to me!  I’m always up for a little chat and for listening to the latest WordPress news. What’s more, if you have a communication project or if you are willing to test and write (honest) reviews about our products, just drop me a line at:

If you are a theme or a plugin author wanting to be compatible with WPML or Toolset (or even both :))  you can get in touch with me too.

Can we see a few examples of partnerships and compatibility work?

Of course, here are a few examples of the teamwork:

Toolset and Divi
WPML and Divi
WPML and Elementor (click on the FB post to read the article)
Toolset Review
Enfold & WPML
Avada & WPML (contest with Luke from Avada)

Want to get in touch with Marine and work on cross-promotion between our products and yours?

Leave your comments below this post and we’ll be happy to connect with more plugins and theme authors!

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