Working from your home is both a great opportunity and a challenge. When you work from your home, you save precious travel time, you have much more control over your own time and you need to be a lot more focused and responsible.

If you are working in an office today and are wondering how it will be to work from home, you need to consider both the benefits and the drawbacks.

Saving Traffic Time

Obviously, the greatest and most obvious advantage of working from home is that you get to save 100% of the wasted time travelling to and from work. Yes, reading a newspaper or surfing the web from your phone in a train is great, but wouldn’t it be nicer to spend that time with your wife and kids?

Besides the travel time itself, there are other immediate benefits to working from home. The dress code is a lot more casual and the prep time, getting out of the house shrinks to zero. Well, sometimes it even becomes negative time.

Finding Work Anywhere in the World

Extending your radius in the job search opens you to opportunities that never existed before. Today, you could be living in a little shack on a mountain, or in a house in a national park, and still do web development for corporate clients.

Software development requires:

  • Your brain and fingers
  • A solid education and training
  • A laptop with high-speed Internet connection

You can do this from anywhere in the world. When you pick a remote job, you can completely separate between where you live and where you work. Our development teams are built of people living in Australia, Romania and Spain. They work on the same project and communicate daily, intensely. Together, they build amazing software, which our clients love.

Challenge #1 – Discipline and Efficiency

At this point, you might be fantasizing about living on a remote island, eating coconut, surfing and working as the wave cycles permit. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the case.

When you work out of your home, you need to know how to manage distractions. It might appear to your immediate environment (wife, kids, wife’s parents, dogs and cats, neighbours and their friends) as if you’re always available. After all, he’s sitting in his shorts, the whole day, next to his PC. He can help around the house a little, clean the garage and mow the lawn.

Would you take a break from work, leave the office and drive home to clean the garage? Probably not.

When you work from home, you need to establish a routine and boundaries. This is the number one challenge for anyone switching from office work to home work.

Set your working hours and rest hours and stick with it. Let your family and friends know about this arrangement and get them to respect and support it.

Challenge #2 – Maintaining a Social Life

For many of us, a job is not only a place to earn money, but also to connect and meet people. When you work from home, you use Skype and email to connect. You get to interact with your colleagues throughout the day, but it’s pretty difficult to go out to a game together on a weekend.

We all need friends and a social life. When you work from home, you must remember to spend some of that time that you’ve saved on commute on building your personal life.

We learned some great ideas from our team. This is what some of our developers do to maintain a fun life after work:

  • Tai Chi class
  • Sailing
  • playing in basketball teams
  • Dance classes
  • Cooking classes

These are all great ways to expand your social circuit. The fact that you’ve saved 2-3 hours every day on travel, prep and office chat lets you dedicate that time on the things that you love.

Is Remote Work for You?

If you managed to read this far and you want to give remote work a try, we might have an opening for you.

OnTheGoSystems is always on the lookout for exceptionally skilled software developers. Our core competence is PHP, MySQL and Javascript. We develop WordPress plugins, so if you have experience with WordPress API, that’s a huge plus for us.

To apply, visit our jobs page.

Working from Home or from anywhere you want

Working from Home or from anywhere you want

Working from Home or from anywhere you want

Working from Home or from anywhere you want

Working from Home or from anywhere you want

Working from Home or from anywhere you want