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Are you a WordPress fan?
We are looking for people who are eager to:

work with other open minded WordPress enthusiasts, in an international team,
influence the development of famous WordPress plugins,
develop their skills through our comprehensive training program.

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WPML team during a video conference
WPML team during a video conference

How we work

  • We all work from homes, so all you need is your computer and a good Internet connection.
  • It’s a full time job.
  • We are working in sub-teams where you are assigned specific tasks.
  • We have regular team meetings (Skype or Google hangouts).
  • We coomunicate in English.
  • Once a year we all meet in a nice place and have fun.

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Open positions

onTheGoSystems Developers

PHP Developers

If you’re passionate about coding, fluent in database architecture and know WordPress API inside and out, we need you.

You’ll join our team, grab your own module and take responsibility for managing it.

Besides being really smart, we need you to be nice, patient and friendly. It’s more fun for us to work with nice personalities, which gives a better experience to our clients.

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Site Builders

Toolset plugins are intended fo site builders, so we need expert site builders on our team. Our applications development team builds reference designs, which are the basis of client work. We produce complete working designs, as well as interchangeable modules.

To join our applications team, you need to have proven experience building both simple and complex client sites. You need to be a fast learner and a producer.

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Our support goes well beyond answering emails and forum threads.
Support requests often mean that we need to improve something. It can be missing or unclear documentation, a usability issue, or just a bug (yep, we have them too).

Your role as a support associate will be to understand these issues, see what is causing them and follow-up with a solution. If you can identify a problem in the code, you’ll use our issue tracking and retesting system to ensure all problems are resolved.

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In-development Testers

When people buy our plugins, they expect them to work flawlessly, in different configurations and environments. We need expert QA people who can make sure that this happens. As a QA person, your job will be to:

Work with the developers to create and maintain test plans
Be involved in the design of new functions and perform stress-testing on them

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Front-end Developers

Toolset plugins include a lot of Javascript, CSS and HTML. We develop visual editors, drag-and-drop engines and other key editing tools.

If you have a very strong sense for usability, aesthetics and deep knowledge of front-end design, we want you.

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What you will be offered

  • Work from home or any other place you like.
  • Steady job – we’ve been growing steadily since we started at 2007.
  • Extensive training supervised by dedicated mentors.
  • Collaboration with international team members.
  • Opportunities to impact the development of famous WordPress plugins. There are 500,000 websites running our software.
  • Paid national holidays for your home country and additional paid vacation days.
  • Competitive salary, always paid on time. Bonuses.

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OnTheGo Systems team during an annual meeting (Tenerife 2014)
OnTheGo Systems team during an annual meeting (Tenerife 2014)

What our workmates say
about their jobs here

We asked our team about their experiences working at onTheGoSystems.

What do I like most about my job? It’s steady. I like the fact that I don’t have to think who will be my next customer and if I will have new sale. That was the biggest drawback of freelancing.

I get to focus on coding. In contrast to freelancing, where you have to focus on client agreements, unpleasant customers, and projects without straight rules; here at OnTheGo Systems all I have to do is to write code, which I love.

Konrad Karpieszuk

Konrad Karpieszuk
WPML developer

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